Anonymous asked:

Why do you like Cassie's breasts being more-than-large but the idea of them being uncensored is not a good one? I'm sorry, I've been curious about this for a while

theycallhimcakemod answered:

Well… it began innocently enough. When I designed the character’s personality, it didn’t really fit with someone who would get into NSFW situations at all. I thought it was more interesting that way, since there’s literally a million huge-boobed characters who exist to give up the goods, and I really didn’t feel like adding to that pile. So I made her SFW, always covered up, etc. 

It turned out that people really responded to that, to my surprise. It seems like, in a place where you can literally get naked pics of any OCs you want, especially ones with huge boobs, the one character that DIDN’T have that was… titillating, at least, that’s what I was led to believe. Like how Christmas wrapping paper is way more exciting than the actual gift. I definitely understand the appeal, since that’s definitely what I prefer. I’ve never really been a huge fan of straight up porn anyways (though that’s changed in recent times.)

I’ve been.. a lot looser when it comes to what I do with her, but I still plan on keeping her SFW, since that’s the original idea of the character. Some people hate it and just prefer I’d draw her naked already, but due to my own preferences and the response I’ve gotten from doing it that way, I feel like it’s a better choice. I’ve even had people tell me that they’d feel weird seeing her naked, since it’d be the equivalent to walking in on someone you weren’t supposed to.

Here, asking the audience to rely on imagination is kinda dangerous, since… no one wants to do that. But oddly enough, that’s the appeal of the character, and it worked for me. Even if I get thiiiiiiiis close, it’s still exciting enough to keep it covered up.





Gene makes terrible dad jokes. My evidence to support this is this voice line.

Fun fact, this is an actual joke my best friends dad actually said. Revel in its beauty.

… i don’t get it, someone explain please

It’s a play on words. If you have two things, they are a pair. Like, a pair of shoes. And pair sounds the same as pear. So two peaches are a pear